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Research is the Foundation of Our Success


Over the past decades, Bionorica has built a close-knit international knowledge and research network with approx. 500 leading institutes, clinics and universities worldwide. Bionorica research expenditures amount to a double-digit percentage of turnover annually.

Antibiotic resistance: Herbal medicinal products as an opportunity for the future

In the coming decades, more people could die from antibiotic-resistant pathogens than from cancer and diabetes combined. Highly effective herbal medicinal products can completely or partially replace the use of antibiotics in many areas, for example urinary tract diseases.

Founding of the Michael Popp Institute for new Phyto Entities


The Michael Popp Institute for new Phyto Entities, founded in Innsbruck on October 18, 2017, is dedicated to investigating how natural products act and developing novel, innovative phyto-pharmaceuticals through cutting-edge research. The Michael Popp Institute aims to strengthen pharmacognosy at the University of Innsbruck. The research focuses on naturally occurring biogenic substances.