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Dealing with Resources and Environment


Professor Popp

The respectful use of resources and the environment begins with the selection of the seeds, the cultivation and harvest of the medicinal plants and continues with the extraction.

Quality, reproducibility, and transparency

The condition of the soil and the weather influences the active ingredient content of a medicinal plant. To ensure a consistent high-quality of herbal medicinal products with reproducible efficacy, Bionorica strictly ensures compliance with standardized processes and the GACP standards (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices).

The GACP standards are guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) on “Good Cultivation and Collection Practice.” For quality assurance and control, every batch of raw material used in production has a curriculum vitae.

To be able to optimally design the quality of our raw materials, factors such as location selection, young plant breeding, crop management and plant protection are always individually adjusted. The harvesting and post-harvest technologies always meet the highest quality standards. Bionorica also uses specially developed seeds.

Sustainable procurement with social responsibility

Bionorica gives great importance to the fact that the medicinal plants are mainly grown in their natural habitat. They are grown in over ten countries, mostly in climatically and geologically suitable regions of Europe. We not only avoid competition from traditional agriculture, but also offer long-term partnerships to local farmers.

All these measures serve the goal of growing the medicinal plants that Bionorica uses for the production of its herbal remedies in harmony with nature and in strict compliance with environmental protection.

Responsible use of resources

Recycling and reducing resource consumption are highly important at Bionorica. This applies not only to cultivation, but to all other process steps as well: the ethanol used for extraction is recovered in certain process steps and partially returned to the Bionorica value creation process in strict accordance with pharmaceutical regulations. Recycled ethanol which can no longer be used in pharmaceutical applications is processed externally and used in another industry. Plant materials from manufacturing in Neumarkt are composted by an organic farmer near the company headquarters, then used as humus for eco-friendly fertiliser.

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