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Materials used by weight or volume

Reporting year 2021


Non-renewable materials used

Excipients: 320,4 t

Renewable materials used

Solvent (ethanol)*: 1,399 t
Vegetable raw materials:  827 t



Reporting year 2021


Non-renewable materials used

Primary packaging (bottles, aluminium foil, closures, droppers, measuring cups, PVC/PVDC films): 2008.46 t

Secondary packaging (folding boxes, adhesive roll labels, package inserts): 831 t

* From production processes at the Neumarkt site, approx. 50% of the redistillate is obtained from ethanol (alcohol) – in 2021 this amounted to a total of 863.5 tonnes – and used for further industrial processing, e.g. as windscreen antifreeze.