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See Nature from a Different Perspective

See Nature from a Different Perspective

Bionorica has once again been awarded with the "Innovative through Research" seal by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V

"Innovative through Research" 2022/23

Bionorica once again receives seal of quality

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Learn more about the Bionorica External Research Initiative

Promote Phyto Research

Learn more about the Bionorica External Research Initiative

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Bionorica receives "The Golden Tablet" seal 2022

The Golden Tablet

Bionorica wins in OTC Category

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Our Vision

Our daily actions are characterized by sustainability and respect for nature and people. Our goal is to become the global leader in the evidence-based health market of nature... 
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Our Origins

Our journey started in 1933 when Josef Popp, a trained engineer and grandfather of the current owner of the company, Professor Dr. Michael A. Popp, founded Bionorica in Nuremberg... 
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Research Insights

Bionorica SE develops and produces rational phytotherapeutics that are characterized by their high effectiveness and good tolerability... 
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What sets us apart: Tradition and Innovation

Bionorica is one of the world's leading manufacturers of phytopharmaceuticals. With Phytoneering, we develop and produce highly effective herbal medicinal products... 
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Products at a Glance

As a “Phytoneering Company,” we explore new opportunities and possibilities for the treatment of many diseases and thus make medicine a bit more herbal every day...
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Respiratory Products

Bionorica produces a wide range of plant-based therapeutics that offer support against cold and other respiratory diseases... 
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Bionorica has a distinguished portfolio of well-tolerated phytopharmaceuticals in the field of gynecology...
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Urinary tract

Herbal medicines have proven effective in the treatment of acute cystitis and recurrent cystitis... Learn more