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Bionorica stakeholder

Stakeholder are persons or groups who have a legitimate interest in the course or outcome of a process or project. For Bionorica, this naturally includes not only patients, doctors and pharmacists, but also employees and partners at a wide range of levels.

Stakeholder identification process

Bionorica has defined a total of seven stakeholder groups with whom the company is in continuous and intensive exchange. The aim is to continue to develop these relationships in a sustainable manner. The stakeholder to be addressed by Bionorica were identified and selected during the preparation of the first Bionorica Sustainability Report, which was published in 2013. The basis for this was a process in which the company enlisted the involvement of a wide range of departments, from employees to managers to board members. Details concerning, among other things, the importance of the individual stakeholder groups for Bionorica are shown in the list below.

Stakeholder Overview


A very important stakeholder group are our around 1,800 employees active at 20 locations worldwide. Our employees work every day to continue the success story that began in Nuremberg 89 years ago. Employee interaction is marked by respect, team spirit and mutual trust. Bionorica attaches great importance to a healthy working environment. Topics such as training and further education, pension provision and a flexible working time model are given high priority at Bionorica.


Patients can rely on the efficacy and safety of Bionorica’s high-quality herbal medicinal products, as well as their low incidence of side effects. Bionorica conducts numerous surveys in the markets in order to determine the needs and assessments of patients the most effective way possible. The majority of those surveyed emphasize the importance of patient dialogue. A further topic of interest is the expertise of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and doctors.

Doctors and Pharmacists

At Bionorica, communicating the latest research results, including our own, to doctors and pharmacists is very important. For this reason, our participation in national and international congresses is a matter of course. The further education and training of doctors is also the focus of the training measures we implement. Scientific topics of interest include antibiotic resistance, the microbiome and phytotherapy.

In addition to its practice and pharmacy team training programme, Bionorica has developed a certificate course in the field of phytotherapy in cooperation with the IHK-Akademie Mittelfranken in Nuremberg.

Scientific Community

Bionorica is a research-based pharmaceutical company. A sum in the double-digit millions is reinvested annually in research and development. The results of intensive research and scientific cooperation with the scientific community set standards in evidence-based phytomedicine. The resulting herbal medicinal products offer excellent therapeutic alternatives in times of increasing antibiotic resistance.

Health Policy, Authorities and Associations, Media

Bionorica is actively involved in health policy and is a member of various federations. For example, Prof. Dr. Michael A. Popp, CEO and owner of Bionorica, is deputy chairman of the Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie (BPI – German Pharmaceutical Industry Association) and topic sponsor for self-medication and international affairs. Bionorica frequently appears in reports from local and national media in Germany and throughout the world.

Partners and Suppliers

Bionorica attaches great importance to establishing long-term and value-adding business relationships with suppliers and partners. We work together to drive forward-looking developments by constantly improving the techniques and processes we use. Local suppliers are part of our sustainability strategy, as this keeps delivery routes short.


Compared to the last Bionorica Sustainability Report, there has been one major change: with the consent of the Executive Board, the stakeholder group “Regional environment” was removed and replaced with the more comprehensive term “Society”.

Even though Bionorica is heavily involved in the regional environment at its main business location in Neumarkt, Germany, our social activities must be understood on a global level. As a reliable employer or business partner in more than 40 countries, we are actively involved in local communities and thus society as a whole, thereby engaging with this stakeholder group.