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Phytoneering - the formula for Bionorica's success



Bionorica develops and produces highly effective herbal remedies of the latest generation. In our products, we combine the findings of traditional medicinal plant treatments with the pioneering results of scientific research. Our cultivation, extraction and production processes set standards worldwide. In this way, we make modern medicine a bit more plant-based for the health of people every day.


  • Phytoneering is origins
    In our over 85-year history, we have created a portfolio of the highest quality. We are proud of our roots, which date back to the ideas and visions of our founder Josef Popp. We are committed to this heritage.
  • Phytoneering is future
    Shaping the future means taking the opportunities that we consistently pursue. Phytoneering stands for our options for the future and our determined ability to take advantage of them.
  • Phytoneering is quality
    Day after day, we face the challenge of achieving the best results. Our pursuit of quality covers all processes and processing stages. From seedling to finished herbal products, we guarantee the highest Phytoneering standards at all times.
  • Phytoneering is research
    A large part of our success is based on our spirit of research. Research is the driving force behind permanent innovation on our path to the future.  
  • Phytoneering is agility
    In order to stand out from the competition, we need a high degree of flexibility in all areas. The core of Phytoneering meets this requirement. Phytoneering is a road map, a bridge to the future. Every day we make progress, we become better, more incomparable, and thus more successful.
  • Phytoneering is openness
    Phytoneering requires the permanent questioning of our positions. Our unwavering focus on quality requires the consistent realization of all potentials for improvement. Always and everywhere. This requires great openness, tolerance, and mutual respect.
  • Phytoneering is success
    Phytoneering stands for the future and the opportunities presented by plant-based preparations. It is the new "gold standard" in phytomedicine and therefore the basis of our worldwide success.
  • Phytoneering is sustainability
    Our actions are characterised by a deep respect for nature. That is why sustainability is a central value of our corporate culture. From the cultivation of our medicinal plants to the packaging of our preparations, every process meets our high standards of environmental compatibility and recyclability.
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