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Sinupret® - Blocked nose? Headache?


  • Loosens the mucus 
  • Opens the nose 
  • Clears the head  

Sinupret® - loosens, opens and clears 

Sinupret® comes with a combination of five medicinal plants including primrose flowers, gentian root, sorrel herb, elder flowers and vervain herb. This reliable combination makes Sinupret® highly effective against acute and chronic sinusitis. With the action of Sinupret®, the stuck mucus is quickly transported away, the swelling of the inflamed mucous membrane goes down, the headache subsides and one can breathe easily again. Sinupret® has a unique formula that not only makes it effective against the annoying and painful symptoms of the cold infection, but also fights the causes of the infection. 

Blocked nose? Pressure headache? 

There are over 200 different cold viruses, so it is common to find someone among your family, friends or colleagues with a runny nose almost at all times, regardless of the season. On average, adults have a cold or "common cold" two to five times a year while children experience it four to eight times a year! This means that a 75-year-old person would have spent two to three years of his life with a runny nose, assuming that the cold symptoms last five to six days. The cold itself is unpleasant yet harmless, however, it can quickly develop into painful sinus infection. This is where one needs fast and targeted action to stop the infection before becoming a serious health issue. 

Sinupret® - the No. 11

The effectiveness and high tolerability make Sinupret® what it is: the best-selling cold remedy in Germany (1INSIGHT Health APO-Channel Report 2013 by sales), equally valued by doctors, pharmacists and patients. 



Product category
Respiratory tract

Dosage forms
Tablets, juice, drops

Medicinal plants
Yellow gentian