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Green Dot

By participating in the “Green Dot” dual system, Bionorica SE makes a valuable contribution to climate protection.

The associated “Green Dot” environmental certificate confirms the positive effect of recycling our sales and outer packaging in the five impact categories of greenhouse gases, primary energy, crude oil equivalents, phosphate equivalents and sulphur dioxide equivalents.


Environmental Certificate

By recycling sales and outer packaging, Bionorica SE thus contributed to the following savings in 2021 (determined via the number of packages sold):

  • 212 t CO2 equivalents
  • 51 t crude oil equivalents
  • 199 kg phosphate equivalents
  • 9 MJ primary energy
  • 681 kg sulphur dioxide equivalents

The amount of CO2 saved corresponds to the quantity filtered out of the air by 21 ha of forest in one year.

About the dual system

Bionorica SE has been participating in the dual “Green Dot” system for the last 17 years. Due to the new German Packaging Act (VerpackG), participation in a dual system has been mandatory in Germany for distributors of packaged goods since January 2019. This applies to national producers as well as to importers, online retailers or Bionorica as a manufacturer – the distributors pay the respective share of the disposal of their sales and outer packaging.