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"Pharmacy Favourite 2023" in Germany: Bionorica is 3-time winner
"Pharmacy Favourite 2023" in Germany: Bionorica is 3-time winner

Bionorica was once again able to shine in the pharmacy favourites study and was awarded in no less than three categories in 2023, making it the only company to win more than one prize. Bionorica won in the categories "OTC Manufacturer", "Phyto Manufacturer" and "Training Provider". The category "Training Provider" was awarded for the first time this year, which makes Bionorica particularly proud to have been chosen in this category.

For the study, an online survey was conducted by the German Pharmacy Portal (DAP) on behalf of the German pharmacy trade magazine "Die erfolgreiche Apotheke" (‘The Successful Pharmacy’) in the period June/July 2023. IQVIA evaluated more than 500 completed questionnaires from pharmacy and branch managers, which formed the empirical basis for the results.

Bionorica skyrockets to No 2 in Austria: IQVIA presents image-ranking in pharmacies „OTC Mirror“

Bionorica Austria skyrockets to No 2 in AustriaThe Austrian Bionorica Team scores one of their so far biggest sucesses: No 2 in the image ranking of OTC companies in Austrias pharmacies’ marketplace, IQVIA’s “OTC Mirror”. Behind the winner and longterm title defender “Apomedica” Bionorica Austria is awarded the silver medal and leaves Bayer Consumer Health on rank three. Even another trophy could be carried home by Team Austria: the category prize “Climber of the Year”.

Frank Wartenberg, IQVIA Head for Europe and Stefan Baumgartner, Head Austria, presented the awards to the winners: “Bionorica’s leading edge versus rank three was significant and the defending champion won only by a short lead.” underlines Baumgartner.

For more than ten years IQVIA has been surveying how the 20 biggest OTC-manufacturers are perceived by the pharmacies’ staff. Four categories are queried: salesforce, product quality, intention for recommendation, general customers’ satisfaction.

German Brand Award 2023: „Excellent Brands – Health & Pharmaceuticals“ and „Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation“

 German Brand Award 2023

The herbal pharmaceutical Sinupret® eXtract has been awarded the German Brand Award 2023 in two categories. Sinupret® eXtract itself was awarded as a special product brand in the category "Excellent Brands - Health & Pharmaceuticals" thanks to its many years of successful, stringent and target group-oriented brand management. The associated consumer campaign "X it out - with Sinupret® eXtract" won in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation" due to the strong concept and the targeted implementation on- and offline.

The German Brand Award is initiated by the German Brand Institute Foundation and honours companies for their outstanding brand management. The evaluation is based on the criteria of independence and brand typology, brand distinctiveness, differentiation from the competition and target group relevance. Factors such as the design quality of the brand presence, the homogeneity of the brand experience and the economic success also play a decisive role in the judging process.


Sinupret® is “Top Brand 2022”

TOP-Marke 2022 Sinupret

Sinupret® receives the "Top Brand" award in the category "Respiratory Diseases". "You have to applaud because Sinupret®, as the market leader with a growth rate of 85 percent, is literally shaking up the market this year," says jury chairman Malte W. Wilkes.

The "Top Brand" is awarded by the trade journal "Die erfolgreiche Apotheke" (The Successful Pharmacy). The jury is made up of experienced pharmacy managers. Their assessment includes the evaluation of the economic situation as well as the development of sales in recent years - based on the 2022 sales and development figures of IQVIA, the leading global provider of forward-looking analytics, technology solutions and clinical contract research. Competition and marketing materials, as well as the pharmacists' own experiences, are also taken into account.

Germany: Bionorica receives "The Golden Tablet" in the OTC category

Bionorica receives "The Golden Tablet"During the festive gala of the “23rd Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award 2022” in September at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Bionorica received “Die Goldene Tablette®” ("The Golden Tablet") in the self-medication/OTC category for the first time. The quality of the medicines, the range of services for pharmacies and the breadth of the product range were particularly highlighted in the citation.

The basis for the award and the ranking is the Pharma Trend market research, which was conducted this year among 1,400 physicians from seven specialist groups, pharmacists and patients in the categories Rx, OTC, Orphan Drugs and Specialty Care, as well as Diagnostics and Digital Health Applications. The ranking includes the world's leading pharmaceutical companies by turnover, as well as large individual, mid-sized and international pharmaceutical companies. For more information, go to 

Again "Pharmacy Favourite" in Germany: Double victory for Bionorica

Bionorica was once again able to shine in the Pharmacy Favourites study and was awarded in two categories in 2022. Bionorica was once again able to shine in the Pharmacy Favourites study and was awarded in two categories in 2022. Bionorica took first place in both the categories "OTC Manufacturer" and "Herbal Medicinal Product Manufacturer". This means that Bionorica has already been awarded more than 10 times since 2015.

The goal of the survey was to determine how satisfied the pharmacies were with the companies. For the study, an online survey was conducted by the German Pharmacy Portal (DAP) on behalf of the German pharmacy trade magazine "Die erfolgreiche Apotheke" (‘The Successful Pharmacy’) in the period June/July 2022. IQVIA evaluated almost 550 completed questionnaires from pharmacy and branch managers, which formed the empirical basis for the results.

Germany: „OTC Market Analysis 2022“

Bionorica in 1st place among pharmacy teams for the fourth time in a row

Germany: „OTC Market Analysis 2022“. Bionorica in 1st place among pharmacy teams for the fourth time in a row

For the fourth time in a row, Bionorica is ranked number 1 in the overall assessment of aposcope's "OTC Market Analysis 2022". Aposcope is a Berlin-based market research company. For the study, 502 verified pharmacists and pharmaceutical technical assistants (PTA) were surveyed online on various areas of the OTC market between 19th and 27th May.

Central to this year's study are the OTC manufacturers themselves, their choice of view and the requirements of the pharmacy teams. Criteria that were queried here are the training offer, the sales force, the returns regulation and the purchasing conditions. In the overall assessment, Bionorica received a grade of 1.82!

Germany: Bionorica receives "Innovative through Research" seal 2022/23

Bionorica receives "Innovative through Research" seal 2022/23

Bionorica has once again been awarded with the "Innovative through Research" seal by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V.. As a research-driven company and pioneer in the field of evidence-based phytopharmaceuticals, Bionorica invests tens of millions of euros annually in its own R&D activities.

Since 2014, the Stifterverband has conducted a biennial survey on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to determine how much industry in Germany invests in research and development. The R&D data collected are used by the Federal Government, among others, as a decision-making basis for the further development of its economic, innovation and technology policy.

Bionorica is the winner of the Bavarian SME Award 2021/22

Future viability, sustainability, customer orientation

Bionorica is the winner of the Bavarian SME Award 2021/22

At the award ceremony on May 20, 2022, which was postponed to this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Dr Michael Rödel, Global Head of Finance, IT and HR and Member of the Executive Board, accepted the award in the Künstlerhaus Munich on behalf of Bionorica. The herbal remedy maker had already received the award once before in 2011.

"It is a great honour and we are proud to have received the Bavarian SME award again. This success would not have been possible without our committed employees. Traditional, medium-sized family companies like Bionorica are the backbone of the Bavarian economy. Especially in times of great change, they stand for continuity, stability and innovative strength at the same time", emphasizes Dr Michael Rödel during the award ceremony.

The Bavarian SME Prize is presented by the Munich-based European Economic Forum e.V. EWIF Germany since 2007.The patrons of the award are Ilse Aigner, President of the Bavarian State Parliament, and Hubert Aiwanger, Bavarian State Minister for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy and Deputy Prime Minister of Bavaria.

Pharmacy Cooperation Award: "Best Industrial Partner Herbal Medicinal Products"

Pharmacy Cooperation Award: "Best Industrial Partner Herbal Medicinal Products"

Bionorica has once again been awarded as the best partner of pharmacists in Germany in the category "Herbal Medicinal Products". Thias is the result of the recently published Coop Study 2022 which identified the best cooperations and industrial partners of pharmacies throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

The Coop Study 2022 was carried out by the “DeutscheApothekenPortal” and IQVIA. Almost 500 pharmacy and branch managers who are or were currently or formerly members of a pharmacy cooperation took part in the survey.

The core topics of the study were satisfaction with the services of pharmacy cooperations and relevant partners from industry and pharmacy-related services.


Nomination for the “Bayerischer Mittelstandspreis 2021” (“Bavarian SME Award 2021”)

Bionorica has been shortlisted for the “Bayerischer Mittelstandspreis 2021” (“Bavarian SME Award 2021”). The award ceremony, which has been postponed to May 2022 due to the pandemic, is going to show which nominated companies will be the title winners.

The prize is awarded by the Munich-based “Europäisches Wirtschaftsforum e.V. - EWIF Deutschland” (“European Economic Forum registered association - EWIF Germany”) - under the patronage of Ilse Aigner, President of the Bavarian State Parliament and Hubert Aiwanger, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy and Deputy Bavarian Prime Minister. The companies are evaluated according to the aspects of future ability/innovation, robustness/resilience, sustainability/responsibility, and attractiveness.

Bionorica a “Apotheken Favorit” (“Pharmacy’s favourite”) three times over in 2021!

Bionorica was once again able to shine in this year’s “Apotheken Favorit” (“Pharmacy’s favourite”) study and was awarded in no less than three categories. Bionorica took first place in each of the categories “OTC-Hersteller” (“OTC Manufacturer”) and „Pflanzlicher Arzneimittelhersteller“ (“Herbal Medicinal Product Manufacturer”) and received this year’s special prize in the category „Außendienst-Betreuung in der Coronazeit“ (“Sales Force Support in the Period of the Coronavirus”).

For the purpose of this study, an online survey was conducted by the Deutsche Apotheken Portal - DAP (German Pharmacy Portal) on behalf of the independent specialist publication "Die erfolgreiche Apotheke" (The Successful Pharmacy) in the period July/August 2021. IQVIA evaluated 560 completed questionnaires from pharmacy and branch managers, which formed the empirical basis for the results.

Responsible Care State Competition: Jury recognises plant recycling concept

Our contribution to climate protection - under this motto, Bionorica took part in the Responsible Care State Competition 2021 of the "Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V." (VCI) (German Chemical Industry Association), Bavarian regional association, with the project "Recovery of bio-humus from plant residues resulting from the production of herbal medicines".

Although it was not enough to win the award, the Bavarian regional association of the “VCI” nevertheless honoured Bionorica's sustainable plant recycling concept with a trophy and certificate, because "The project demonstrates how cycles can be closed through the use of easily recyclable processing aids and the cooperation of local actors," according to the jury.

In addition to Bionorica, 13 other well-known “VCI” member companies from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry had applied. Details can be found on the website (link) of the Bavarian regional association of the “VCI”.

You can find out more about the circular economy at Bionorica here.

Bionorica received the seal of quality as one of the best managed companies in Germany

Neumarkt natural remedies manufacturer Bionorica was named an Axia Best Managed Company once again this year, and received the seal of quality as one of the best managed companies in Germany, just as it did in 2011 and 2020. Professor Michael A. Popp, owner and CEO of Bionorica, says: “The award is a great honour for Bionorica, and confirms that we are best in class in exactly those categories that make companies successful in the long-term.”

The award was presented to the company in Neumarkt by representatives of the corporate consulting firm Deloitte and Bank Credit Suisse.

Bionorica is the best “phyto” pharmacy partner

This year, Bionorica was awarded a gold medal in the “Best industrial partner (herbal medicines)” category of the pharmacy cooperative prize. Around 600 pharmacists and branch managers who are either current or former members of a pharmacy cooperative were surveyed.
The 2021 Coop-Study was conducted in November and December of 2020 by the DeutschesApothekenPortal DAP (German Pharmacy Portal) and IQVIA, a leading international provider of integrated information and technology solutions.
Bionorica already took home the pharmacy cooperative prize in the OTC industry in February of 2019, winning gold in the “Achiever of the year” category.


“Bavaria’s Best 50”: Ministry of Economics honours Bionorica for the sixth time

Bionorica was honoured once again as part of the competition “Bavaria's Best 50", run by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. Bionorica was previously among the winners in “Bavaria’s Best 50” in 2017, 2014, 2011, 2009 and 2007.
“This award is a major honour for us. I would like to warmly thank all of my employees who contribute to Bionorica's success” says Professor Michael A. Popp, CEO and owner of Bionorica SE.

Wirtschaftsministerium zeichnet Bionorica zum sechsten Mal aus


Bionorica research receives prize for outstanding company health promotion

Our research subsidiary Bionorica research GmbH, headquartered in Innsbruck, was honoured in 2020 by the Austrian Health Insurance (Österreichische Gesundheitskasse (ÖGK)) with the “Tirol Prize for company health promotion”, in the small companies category. In doing so, Austria’s largest social health insurance company honoured the company project “FIToneering – Gesund am Arbeitsplatz” (health in the workplace).

“As a company working in the medical research field, of course the issue of health is highly important to us”, emphasises Mag. Michael Walder, Managing Director of Bionorica research GmbH. It all started four years ago, and since that time a wide range of projects have been carried out - from increasing the size of laboratory work stations to digitisation projects to remote working and more flexible, family-friendly work hours.

Pharmacy’s favourite: Double win for Bionorica

As it has in previous years, Bionorica once again took home two key wins in the “Apotheken-Favorit-Studie” (Pharmacy’s favourites study) in 2020. The pharmacists surveyed considered the natural remedies manufacturer their “Pharmacy’s favourite of 2020” in the categories “OTC manufacturer” and “herbal medicines manufacturer”.
The survey was conducted from August through September 2020 by the specialist publication “Die erfolgreiche Apotheke” (the successful pharmacy). The goal was to determine the level of satisfaction among pharmacies with companies and service providers from a wide range of sectors.

“Innovation through research” seal for Bionorica

Bionorica received the “Innovativ durch Forschung” (Innovation through research) seal for 2020/21 from the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. As a researching pharmaceutical company and market leader for evidence-based herbal medicinal products, Bionorica invests tens of millions of euros each year into R&D.

Every two years, the Stifterverband determines on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, how much the economy in Germany invests in research and development. The R&D data collected is used by the German government, for instance as a basis for making decisions on developing its economic, innovation and technology policies.

Axia Best Managed Companies Award


Bionorica has again received an award for its corporate management. As in 2011, the manufacturer of herbal medicinal products received the global Axia “Best Managed Companies” seal of approval, which is awarded jointly by Deloitte, WirtschaftsWoche, CreditSuisse and BDI (The Federation of German Industries). “As one of the award winners, Bionorica SE has once again impressed with its first-class corporate management - with its high level of innovation, a long-term strategy and strong governance structures,” said Lutz Meyer, partner and head of the SME program at Deloitte.

“We are very pleased about the award,” said Professor Michael A. Popp, CEO and owner of Bionorica. “It confirms that we are very well-positioned in the competition categories. It also makes me proud that Bionorica is included in the group of best-managed companies for the second time.”


Pioneer of natural product research: Professor Popp becomes “Honorary Senator” of the University of Innsbruck


Professor Michael A. Popp was awarded the honorary senator status of the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck in October. Professor Popp is one of the most important promoters and initiators of natural product research in the Phytovalley® Tyrol, Austria.

The laudatory speech also emphasized the close collaboration between Professor Popp and the University of Innsbruck, his commitment to founding the Michael Popp Research Institute for new Phyto Entities and the expansion of the R&D subsidiary Bionorica research GmbH.

With the title of Honorary Senator, the Rectorate of the University of Innsbruck honours personalities who have made a special contribution to the idealistic or material support of the University and its scientific and cultural tasks.

Bionorica is a “Pharmacy’s favourite” 

Bionorica is a popular choice among public pharmacies, as the Pharmacy’s favourite award once again proves: Bionorica took first place in the “OTC manufacturer” and “herbal medicines manufacturer” categories in the voting for “Pharmacy’s favourite 2019”, just as it did in 2018.
The survey is commissioned each year in Germany by the speciality publication “Die erfolgreiche Apotheke”. It is based on a questionnaire sent to hundreds of pharmacists. The prizes were awarded at the expopharm
trade fair in Düsseldorf.

IKOM Award for „Future Employer“ Bionorica


Bionorica was honored by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in June 2019 as a “future employer.” “The award impressively confirms Bionorica's future-oriented approach. Finding and taking new paths is a central motive of our corporate culture,” says Professor Michael A. Popp at the presentation of the IKOM Award.

The IKOM is a student organization of TUM Munich that awards prizes to companies for distinguishing themselves as “future employers.” Companies receive these prices for showing their commitment toward their business location, entrepreneurial continuity, value orientation and sustainability as well as good career entry and development opportunities.

Bionorica is „Rising star OTC-Industry“


As the rising star of the year 2019, Bionorica was able to prevail against major competitors in the OTC industry and was recognized for this. At the cooperation summit in Munich in February 2019, Bionorica was awarded the Pharmacy Cooperation Prize 2019 in the category “rising star OTC Industry.”

The basis of the award is the pharmacy cooperation study COOP-Study 2019, which is carried out annually by the DeutscheApothekenPortal (DAP) and IQVIA. A total of 660 pharmacists, owners and branch managers rated the service portfolio of the pharmacy cooperations.


"Pharmacy Favorite 2018": Double victory for Bionorica


The specialist journal “Die erfolgreiche Apotheke” announced the winners of the 2018 pharmacy favorites study at Expopharm. Like the previous year, Bionorica was selected both as the best OTC manufacturer and as the best herbal medicinal product manufacturer - and that too by a large margin to the runners-up. In the customer magazine category, Bionorica achieved third place with the “Phytothek Magazine.”

The online survey focused on the services of pharmacy partners including manufacturers, service providers and wholesalers in Germany. According to the survey, pharmacists give particular importance to reliability, conditions, performance and trust. The survey was carried out via the DeutscheApothekenPortal (DAP) while IQVIA conducted the anonymized evaluation and analysis of the data.


Insight Health Selects "Austria's OTC Company of the Year"

The Bionorica Austria GmbH team was awarded second place by the Insight Health & Sempora jury in Vienna in December, the first place went to a cosmetics company. At the “inspirato Award”, the pharmaceutical experts rated Austria's “OTC company of the year 2017” with an annual turnover of over 3 million euros. The decisive factors here were measured parameters such as absolute and percentage sales growth. The Austrians were able to go from zero to 6th place in the “IMS OTC Mirror” image rating by the pharmacists in the spring and finished 5th in the “IMS Top Growth Brands Ranking” with Sinupret®, which was another nice trophy for Team Austria.

Bionorica honored again at Bavaria’s Best 50


Bionorica is one of the top 50 owner-managed medium-sized companies in Bavaria that have seen above-average increase in the number of their employees and sales in recent years. This is the result of the Bavaria’s Best 50 competition organized by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. At the award ceremony on July 27th at Schleißheim Palace near Munich, Dr Michael Rödel, Global Head of Finance, IT and HR and Member of the Executive Board at Bionorica, accepted the award on behalf of the employees and the company. This was presented by former Minister of State Ilse Aigner.

Honorary doctorate from the Voronezh State University

Professor Michael A. Popp has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the Voronezh State University in Russia. The university’s rector, Professor Dmitry A. Yendovitsky, justified this special honor by citing the long-term fruitful cooperation with the company Bionorica. During the event a partnership agreement was signed between the university and Bionorica SE. This provides for joint scientific projects as well as basic research and applied research. 


Professor Michael Popp receives Bavarian Order of Merit

prof.popp_bayerischer_verdienstorden-1 (1).jpg

A great honor was bestowed upon Professor Michael A. Popp on Wednesday morning, July 13, at the residence in Munich: the CEO and owner of Bionorica SE received the Bavarian Order of Merit from the hands of the former Bavarian Minister President Horst Seehofer. Professor Michael A. Popp has made an outstanding contribution to Bavaria and its citizens through his sustained entrepreneurial commitment and his outstanding voluntary work, according to the Order’s Advisory Board, consisting of the President of the State Parliament and the Deputy Prime Minister. Read more about this in our press release.


Inclusion in the “Handelsblatt Hall of Fame of family businesses”

The Handelsblatt’s “Hall of Fame of Family Businesses” honors outstanding personalities of German family-owned companies whose success is the result of continuous efforts in business management and who have created new jobs through innovation and outstanding productivity. The inclusion of Professor Michael A. Popp is an explicit acknowledgement of his entrepreneurial commitment, which not only aims at mere economic success, but also goes beyond. Responsibility for the employees and the regions in which his company operates, a high level of willingness to train, environmentally friendly business practices, social commitment and the high product quality of Bionorica preparations were decisive factors in the jury’s decision. Professor Popp joins a group of the most important German family entrepreneurs.


Double victory at the “inspirato Pharma Marketing Award” and top position at “markt intern”

The “inspirato Pharma Marketing Award” annually honors the best companies, brands and new launches in the German OTC market. Bionorica achieved a double victory in 2014 in the categories “OTC company of the year” and “OTC brand of the year.” In its statement, the jury emphasized the strong growth, the efficient use of advertising donations and the innovative Phytothek pharmacy concept. Sinupret® was recognized as a strong brand with many years of success as well as for the new launch of Sinupret® extract.  

In 2014, Bionorica also outperformed all of its competitors in the annual performance index of the independent industry information service “markt intern” and was able to place itself on the top podium in the overall ranking. The pharmacists surveyed gave Bionorica top marks in the areas of “best OTC provider”, “pharmacy-oriented sales behavior” and “best training offer.” One reason for Bionorica’s good performance is that the company gives particular importance to supporting the branding of the pharmacy instead of  short-term sales success.

Bavaria's Best 50

In 2014, Bionorica was named one of the 50 best companies in Bavaria for the fourth time after 2011, 2009 and 2007, making it one of the fastest growing companies in the state. In addition to the “Bavaria's Best 50” award, the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy annually honors owner-managed companies that have achieved above-average growth in staff and sales during the past five years.



Sinupret® extract successful at the unofficial Nobel Prize in Medicine 2013

The “Galenus von Pergamon Prize” sponsored by Springer Medizin and the “Ärztezeitung” is awarded for innovative medical research results and is considered the unofficial Nobel Prize in Medicine in Germany. Sinupret® extract was one of the three nominees in the “Primary Care” category, making it one of the outstanding pharmaceutical innovations in 2013. At a festive gala on October 17, 2013 in Berlin, Bionorica was also honored for this great pharmaceutical achievement.

Great appreciation from the Phytokids Foundation

For the commitment of his Phytokids Foundation (today Natureheart Foundation for Kids), Professor Michael A. Popp also received the “Mutmacherpreis” at the “Springer Medizin Charity Award” in 2013, worth 5,000 euros. Every year, the “Mutmacherpreis” goes to a volunteer applicant who, based on his past achievements and projects, deserves even more attention and support in the future. The Phytokids Foundation has used this money in its projects for children and adolescents in social and medical institutions.

Commitment to young scientists

In the anniversary year 2013, Bionorica launched the “Global Research Initiative.” The research prize worth 1 million euros, was aimed at young scientists who are working successfully in the field of phyto research. The international jury selected 20 award winners from 130 submissions, whose work was funded with 50,000 euros each.

Other awards in recent years

Bionorica has been increasingly in the public eye due to the growing awareness of its highly effective herbal medicinal products in recent years. Both the company and its CEO and owner Professor Michael A. Popp have received numerous awards:

  • 2012 - winner of the “Bavarian Family Business Award” competition in the “Sustainability” category
  • 2011 - “Bavaria's Best 50”, “Axia Award” in Bavaria (Deloitte + Touche), “Bavarian SME Award 2011” from the European Economic Forum e.V.
  • 2009 - “Bavaria's Best 50”, winner of the “Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Enterprises” (Oskar Patzelt Foundation)
  • 2008 - Elected “Entrepreneur of the Year” (Ernst & Young)
  • 2007 - “Bavaria's Best 50”
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