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Gynecology is a vast medical discipline that covers everything related to diagnosis, development and treatment of diseases distinct to the female reproductive system. Puberty and the onset of menstruation can lead to several significant developmental changes in a woman’s body. With these changes, a woman can experience some new phases of life, which include the desire to have children, pregnancy and later on menopause. 

Agnucaston® /forte

Agnucaston®/ forte

Mastodynon® family


Klimadynon® family



Bionorica offers several herbal and well-tolerated therapeutics in the field of gynecology. These herbal therapeutics have been developed for women of all ages. 

The herbal supplements Agnucaston® and Mastodynon® provide effective relief from menstrual problems, cycle disorders and unpleasant symptoms associated with a premenstrual syndrome such as mood swings, pain or feelings of tension and swelling in the breasts. 

Menopause is a time in a woman’s life when her period stops for over a year or more. This is a natural process and mostly occurs after the age of 45. During the menopause, women often suffer from depressive moods, hot flashes and sleep disorders. This is where the herbal medicine Klimadynon® helps, which is gentle but effective against such typical symptoms of menopause.