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Our Process from Seed to Medicine

Our high-quality medicines are produced from natural raw materials. Bionorica has developed its own patented production processes to ensure consistency in the production of high-quality herbal remedies. To achieve the best quality in our phytotherapeutics, we govern and regulate the cultivation, harvesting and extraction of active ingredients from plants.

Our cultivating areas are based in different countries including Majorca where we grow our own plants. In addition to this, we have long-term contracts with farmers for example in Germany, Austria, France and Hungary where our standardized procedures are followed to achieve consistency and quality in production.

Our Top Priority is Research

Besides our own research facility, we work with approx. than 500 universities, institutes and clinics to produce high-quality herbal medicines. With our wide research network, we strive to decode the healing power of nature. We continue to improve our products and develop new plant remedies.

In addition to our current therapeutic areas, we aim at expanding our research into other areas including obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome (a disease caused by permanent over-nutrition and lack of exercise), non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and chronic inflammatory bowel disease among others.

With our commitment to researching the microbiome, we are entering uncharted territory. But our evidence-based herbal remedies could also be an opportunity to combat increasing antibiotic resistance. We are devoting ourselves to these exciting fields of research intensively.

The Bionorica Group has several other independent subsidiaries such as Phytoneering Extract Solutions GmbH in Germany, Bionorica research GmbH in Austria and Bionorica extracts S.L. in Spain.

Phytoneering Extract Solutions GmbH

Phytoneering Extract Solutions GmbH (PES) controls the sales of plant extracts, distillates, tinctures and pressed fresh plant juices. The company distributes these products to its customers and benefits from Bionorica's many years of experience.

The plant extracts of PES are used to manufacture pharmaceutical products, veterinary medicine, food supplements and cosmetics. For a long time, the company has also been involved in extracting active ingredients from fibre hemp, which are not subject to the narcotics law. 

For further information please refer to

Bionorica research GmbH

In 2005, Bionorica research GmbH was founded as a fully-owned subsidiary in Innsbruck, Austria. The fundamental objectives of the research company include Research and Development (R&D), development of herbal medicines in established and new indications of Bionorica and further development of chemical analysis methods.

The establishment of Bionorica research GmbH was co-financed by grants from the Tiroler Zukunftsstiftung and the Republic of Austria. The company has been investing a fixed proportion of the turnover in research every year.

See here for more information: Bionorica research GmbH

Bionorica extracts S.L.

The Spanish subsidiary Bionorica Extracts S.L. has been based in the Balearic island of Majorca since 1995. At the company, about 30 employees are responsible for the cultivation of medicinal plants, direct extract production and quality control of the individual production steps. Today, Bionorica plants cover a total of about 100 hectares of the island's soil. In addition to the production of thyme extracts for Bronchipret®, Bionorica Extracts S.L. is also responsible for producing extracts for various customers of Phytoneering Extract Solutions GmbH.

You can find further locations and subsidiaries on the Bionorica world map.


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