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Values, Principles, Standards and Code of Conduct

Value compass

The canon of values upheld by Bionorica SE is based on several elements, which are explained below.

The Phytoneering philosophy

Phytoneering – also referred to as the “Phytoneering philosophy” or the “Phytoneering principle” – is the formula for Bionorica’s success. Phytoneering is the bridge between empirical medicine and modern pharmaceutical science with the aim of developing highly effective and well-tolerated preparations. The word “Phytoneering” stands for the combination of nature (phytos = Greek for “plant”) and engineering at all stages of the production process.
The philosophy of Phytoneering was rolled out throughout the company in 2011. A Bionorica Excellence Project group composed of employees from various company divisions and hierarchical levels was responsible for this, together with our lead agency. The Phytoneering philosophy was finally approved by the Executive Board and communicated in several languages worldwide, both internally and externally. This process also applies to Bionorica’s mission, vision, guiding values and “principles of cooperation and leadership”. This canon of values is imparted in the scope of training and welcome events for new employees.

You can find out more about the unique Phytoneering principle on this page.


With our well-researched Phytoneering remedies, we bring the healing and health preserving power of nature back to people.


Our daily actions are characterised by sustainability and respect for nature and people. Our goal is to become the global leader in the evidence-based health market of nature.

Guiding values

The eight guiding values introduced in November of the 2021 reporting year form the basis for the existing canon of values of Bionorica SE. The guiding values apply to all levels of the company – in all countries, divisions, departments and teams – and strengthen Bionorica by providing orientation for our thoughts and actions, both as individuals and as a group.

Successful companies like Bionorica have a strong foundation – values. We are currently bringing relief, healing and a better quality of life to patients in over 40 countries with our evidence-based preparations – a success story that would not have been possible without our values, which include entrepreneurship, customer orientation and team spirit.
Together with the Organisational Development department, the Bionorica Executive Board members developed Bionorica’s eight guiding values, each with three concise explanations, during the 2021 reporting year.

You can find out more about the Bionorica guiding values on this page.

Principles of cooperation and leadership

  • We think and act entrepreneurially in the spirit of Bionorica SE and its vision.
  • We see ourselves as ambassadors for Bionorica.
  • We challenge and encourage our employees.
  • We keep our promises and agreements in a binding manner.
  • We lead with transparent, understandable goals and specifications. We expect transparent task fulfilment.
  • We see mistakes and problems as opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • We treat each other openly and respectfully.
  • We support our employees in making the most of their resources and potential.
  • We make decisions, communicate them and take responsibility for them.

Code of Conduct

Bionorica SE has created an internal Code of Conduct to set global standards for the behaviour of all employees. The Code of Conduct (CoC) of Bionorica SE is a binding guideline for all of us in our daily actions. It describes our ethical principles and lays out authoritative signposts for all employees to give them orientation and guide them in their actions.

You can find out more about Bionorica’s CoC on our company website.

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