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Kongress Amsterdam

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, previous offline activities of the Medical Relations department were converted to “online”. For this purpose, two new formats, “webinars” and “individual visits online” (“Meet Bionorica@home”), were also established in the 2021 reporting year. The special challenge here was to find suitable technical platforms – including simultaneous translation – in cooperation with our subsidiaries in the respective countries.

Webinars: 43 (online only)

A webinar catalogue was created with 19 external experts, including renowned professors of urology, gynaecology, ENT medicine, medical microbiology or scientific communication, under the name “Phytoneering Academy”.  Special webinars on the topics “Covid-19 – Update 2021” and “Antibiotic Stewardship” (rational and responsible use of antibiotics)  were also offered. Especially doctors from Eastern European countries were very interested in the new online format.

International congresses: 5 (offline and online)

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, Bionorica once again participated in “offline congresses” of the medical associations in the 2021 reporting year – i.e. in person. At two of the most important congresses, including the largest ENT congress in Europe, Bionorica was represented, among other things, with a Bionorica exhibition stand.

National congresses: 25 (online)

In 2021, a total of 25 online events took place, organised by Bionorica colleagues from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Türkiye and Uzbekistan. After each lecture, the participants always had the opportunity to ask questions, which were then answered directly by the speakers.