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Bionorica actively engages in stakeholder dialogue with society. For example, at its main business location in Neumarkt, the company organises “Girls’ Day”, the (digital) week of training, trial internships and, due to the pandemic, virtual training fairs and career choice seminars. Related social media posts on the profiles of Bionorica SE are intended to address and elicit the involvement of young target groups. It should be noted that the offers are limited to Germany and the DACH region, since “vocational training” is less widespread internationally.

The most important concerns and issues raised by young people and their parents in the 2021 reporting year primarily touched upon the need for information regarding technical, commercial and scientific vocational training at Bionorica and the associated career opportunities. The events mentioned above were a response to these information needs, and the Bionorica HR team also revised the career pages on the company website in terms of its layout, content and graphics in the 2021 reporting year.

Also, the regular visits of pharmacy students to the Bionorica headquarters in Neumarkt to learn about career paths in the pharmaceutical industry, among other things, should also be highlighted in this context (see group photo with Professor Michael A. Popp above).

In terms of stakeholder dialogue with society, the company tours at the main business location in Neumarkt represent an important platform for engagement and exchange. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Corporate Communications developed a digital event format in 2021 to replace the company tour that was previously conducted live, including the tour of production facilities. The first tour took place in June 2021 with a group from Regensburg who attended the company presentation with the aid of video conferencing software and was then given a virtual company tour (360° VR tour). The participants’ feedback was incorporated directly into efforts to optimise the new visitor concept.

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