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What Guides Us

Our Philosophy

Bionorica creates awareness of the importance and efficacy of herbal remedies, making modern medicine a little bit more plant-based for the health of people every day. With our well-researched Phytoneering preparations, we bring the healing and health preserving power of nature back to people.

With the help of Phytoneering, we decode the great potential of the active substances in plants by using the latest research and innovative technologies. The goal: the development and production of highly effective herbal preparations of the latest generation. Phytoneering combines nature (the Greek term ‘phytos means plant) and science at all levels of the production process (engineering) that plays a huge role in the efficacy of the medicinal products, especially in the case of herbal remedies.

The use of Phytoneering enables the development and production of highly effective and safe herbal medicinal products in a new quality dimension. Bionorica is thus setting the standards in all areas, internally and externally, and is striving for market leadership in the globally growing evidence-based health market of nature.

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