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Mastodynon® - Breast pain?


  • Relieves breast pain 

  • Alleviates tension in the breast 

  • Works naturally 

Mastodynia is a medical condition in which a woman experiences swelling in the breast and feeling of tension before a period. This is quite common among women and can occur almost every month. The breasts increase in size and become more sensitive to touch because of Mastodynia. In most cases, Mastodynia is completely harmless; however, it affects the quality of life and can be seriously frustrating at times. Mastodynia occurs due to hormonal imbalance and this is where Mastodynon, developed and produced by Bionorica plays an important role.  

Mastodynon® has a regulating effect on the hormonal imbalance, thanks to its unique combination of active ingredients from chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus), cyclamen, tiger lily, ignatius bean, blue cohosh and blue flag. Mastodynon fights the causes of mastodynia, eases the feeling of tension and relieves other symptoms such as swelling in breasts and irregular cycles. 



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