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Bronchipret® - Cough? Bronchitis?

Thyme and ivy or thyme and primrose 

Bronchipret® contains either the plant combination of thyme and ivy or thyme and primrose. These highly powerful plant combinations are effective in the treatment of cough as they fight inflammation of the bronchial tissue making it easier to breath. Inflammation of the bronchia can cause serious pain if it remains neglected, however, regular use of Bronchipret® alleviates the symptoms of cough and provides relief.  

Bronchipret® is effective in cough as it:  

  • solves the mucus  

  • reduces the inflammation 

  • reduces coughing fits 

The regular use of Bronchipret® makes coughing easier and helps with the breathing. Bronchipret® is a well-tolerated herbal cough medicine.. It is available in various dosage forms, which makes Bronchipret® a cough medicine for the whole family.  

As a syrup, Bronchipret® is suitable in age-appropriate dosages for children and adults. It is not only effective but also tastes good. Bronchipret® syrup TE  is used for the treatment of cough in children from 1 year of age. 

Bronchipret® TP film-coated tablets are ideal for adolescents and adults aged 12 or above. Bronchipret® drops contain a thyme/ivy combination in particularly high concentration* and are therefore especially suitable for adults. Bronchipret® thyme lozenges with high-dose thyme extract are ideal when you need immediate and additional relief from coughing and hoarseness.    



Product category
Respiratory tract

Dosage forms
Tablets, syrup, drops, lozenges

Medicinal plants


* Highly concentrated in terms of the total amount of plant raw material [mg/ml] in drops compared to syrup.