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Tonsipret® - Throat pain?


  • Provides relief against sore throat 

  • Fights inflammation in the throat 

  • Purely a herbal medicine 

Sore Throat  

A severe inflammation of the throat can make swallowing seriously painful and should not be overlooked. A sore throat is a typical symptom of a common cold and can severely affect our well-being. Chemical-synthetic local anesthetics are often used as a therapy option. In this therapy, the mucous membrane is anesthetized to reduce the pain caused by a sore throat. However, this therapy is not considered ideal as it does not fight the causes of sore throat. In addition to this, many patients also do not feel comfortable with the use of chemicals and prefer a treatment that subsides the use of chemicals. Herbal treatment can be ideal in such a situation and this is where Tonsipret® can be most effective.  

Tonsipret® Plant action against sore throat and inflammation 

Tonsipret® contains a unique herbal formula that consists of medicinal capsicum, pokeweed and guaiacum wood. The capsaicin of the medicinal capsicum effectively and naturally inhibits the pain sensation of the sore throat. The use of herbal products in the preparation of Tonsipret® makes it highly tolerable with no major side effects. The herbal medicine fundamentally fights the symptoms of the inflammation and eases the pain.  

A sore throat can be seriously painful, however, one can get gradual relief from sore throat and its symptoms with regular use of Tonsipret®. The ingredients of pokeweed and guaiacum woodprovide relief against inflammation, which is a major symptom of sore throat. Painful redness and swelling in the throat and pharynx are reduced with the use of Tonsipret®. The unique plant-based highly tolerable formula of Tonsipret® makes it an excellent option for the effective treatment of sore throat. 



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