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Working at Bionorica

Only as a large community have we been able to become what we are today.

Hardly any other company has mastered the balancing act between tradition and modernity as impressively as Bionorica. For more than 85 years, we have successfully developed and produced herbal medicinal products in Germany that are both highly effective and well-tolerated. Thanks to systematic scientific research into our preparations, our phytopharmaceuticals are now on a par with medicines from "classical" conventional medicine.

This success story has enabled us to create many jobs in Germany and abroad.

We work together

Only as a large community have we been able to become what we are today. And we want to maintain the ‘Bionorica family’. We therefore support our employees with development programmes and opportunities for further training and by always keeping our ears open. Target agreements are clearly communicated, and feedback is always encouraged. We view mistakes as opportunities and try to learn from them for the future.

We work sustainably

We only use raw materials for our products that are obtained in harmony with nature. We have laid this down in our Code of Conduct . This also governs our interaction with nature and our fellow human beings, an interaction characterised by sustainability and mutual respect. We act in an environmentally friendly and resource-conserving way. We are also committed to investing a large portion of our turnover in research for the benefit of human health.

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