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Significant Changes in the Organisation and its Supply Chain


Overview of changes in the organisation of the Bionorica Group in the 2021 reporting year:

  • Foundation of Bionorica Romania Marketing SRL in Bucharest, Romania
  • Foundation of Bionorica SE MOL S.R.L. in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova
  • Establishment of a representative office in Stockholm, Sweden.

In addition, there was a change in the shareholding structure at the Iranian company Bionorica Pars Darman Nikan based in Tehran: Bionorica Beteiligungen GmbH now holds over 82.42% of the shares, Bionorica Austria GmbH 0.02% and a private joint stock company 17.56%.

Information on the supply chain and our suppliers can be found under GRI 102-9 “Supply chain”. Details on the stakeholder dialogue with partners and suppliers can be found under the menu item to GRI 102-43 (“Approach to stakeholder engagement”) and 102-44 (“Key topics and concerns raised”).