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Imupret® N - Scratchy throat? Chilly feeling?

Imupret® N 

  • Supports the body in cold pathogen defense 

  • Helps in every phase of a cold 

  • Alleviates the course of the cold  

Imupret® N can help in reducing the course of the cold by combating the respiratory tract infection from the very beginning. The combination of 7 native medicinal plants in Imupret® N makes it an ideal herbal medicine for the treatment of a cold.  

Caught a cold? Imupret® N works in every phase of the cold 

Symptoms of the cold can appear one to three days after the infection with cold-causing pathogens, like viruses. In addition to this, the cold symptoms can vary from person to person. Timely diagnosis and treatment of the cold can help to avoid a serious respiratory tract infection. Imupret® N is an excellent herbal medicine that can be effective in the treatment of the cold as it supports the body’s immune system in fighting the cold-causing viruses.  

Sore throat, runny or stuffy nose and congestion are among the initial symptoms of a common cold. It is important to act quickly and enhance the ability of the body’s defense system to fight against the cold-causing pathogens. Imupret® N, if taken at the early stages of the cold, can help alleviating a cold quickly by supporting the body’s immune system against pathogens. Even if Imupret® N is not taken at the early stages of the cold, it can still work effectively to reduce the course of the cold. It is an ideal remedy for every phase of the cold, thanks to its unique combination of 7 native medicinal plants.  

Imupret® N is effective in every phase of the cold and supports the body in its defense against cold-causing pathogens. The special composition of the complementary 7 medicinal plants chamomile, marshmallow, horsetail, yarrow, walnut, dandelion and oak helps the body to defend itself against invading viruses. This impressive combination of medicinal plants works effectively in fighting the initial respiratory tract infection, which can help ease the symptoms of the cold.  

Horsetail, marshmallow, dandelion and chamomile increase the activity of the natural killer cells. Natural killer cells are part of the body's own virus defense system. These cells recognize and eliminate virus-infected cells to reduce the risk of a serious respiratory tract infection.  

On the other hand, special active ingredients in oak, yarrow, dandelion and walnut additionally inhibit the reproduction of viruses. These ingredients help in easing the course of the cold. Imupret® N is suitable for children and works effectively in every phase of the cold. Imupret® N drops have very good tolerability and are suitable for children from 2 years of age. Children older than 6 years of age can also take Imupret® N tablets. 


Imupret® N

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